Who said Creatures don't eat healthy too?

Each weekend morning as we prepare and eat our fruits (Banana, Apples, Orange, Water Melon and/Paw-Paw), Lizzy would come near and look on. As I wash, peel, scrape and throw away skin, seeds and stems....Lizzy draws nearer each time.

As days become weeks and weeks become months, Lizzy become a regular guest at the outdoor table. Lizzy's favorite fruit...the Paw-Paw :-)

One morning as we approached the area we normally have our regular meal of fruits, being late, we noticed that Lizzy was already waiting with what seems to be impatient/anxious stares. As if to say, "come on folks, I have been waiting".

I had to walk away for a few minutes to wash the fruits, upon returning we were surprised see Lizzy on my seat :-).

So, without further delay, I quickly peeled and scrapped out seeds. Removed a soft part and gave to Lizzy's rock. Lizzy runs to his spot on the rock and gets his morning fill of his favorite fruit.....

As if to say thank you as Lizzy finishes, he turns, looks at us and heads back up his tree. Watching us eat, maybe wondering "how the heck do they eat so much and I eat so little of this fruit?"

Breakfast time is great....