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Lizzy's Love for Paw-Paw

Posted by Sweet Pea on Sunday, November 20, 2011
Who said Creatures don't eat healthy too?

Each weekend morning as we prepare and eat our fruits (Banana, Apples, Orange, Water Melon and/Paw-Paw), Lizzy would come near and look on. As I wash, peel, scrape and throw away skin, seeds and stems....Lizzy draws nearer each time.

As days become weeks and weeks become months, Lizzy become a regular guest at the outdoor table. Lizzy's favorite fruit...the Paw-Paw :-)

One morning as we approached the area we normally have our regular meal of fruits, bei...
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Why me? Why not me

Posted by Dee on Wednesday, October 12, 2011
I stood staring ahead, my heart wounded and bleeding with pain. I wondered why? why this?
Why, oh why? Why today, why me, why this? And what do I do, how do I even know what to do?

Out of nowhere (as it were), he walked up, nudged my knee with his soft cold nose, as if to ask "why not? why not today, why not you?"

And that was how the friendship started, a Rottweiler-mixed, pet dog that had wondered from his home to mine.
He brought me back to reality, yes he reminded me that minute that Nature...
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In the Beginning [Early Days :-) ]

Posted by Sym Bee on Saturday, October 8, 2011 In : Natures early days encounter 
At an early age, I had a dog, "Brisco" was her name. Then followed "Betty," a black and white goat. She (Betty) was my first responsibility at age 7. I was expected to release her each morning and take her to the area she can eat her grass and rest and get sunshine :-)....having water seemed to be the least of her concern. As she had the early morning grass covered with night dew.

Since I grew with none of my siblings, these creatures were my daily companion, under the watchful eyes of my gra...
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