Amateur Photography
By Dee

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About Me

             An outspoken lady who takes crap from no one. Stands firm to what I believe, does not need the majority support

when convinced about something, does not compromise Right for Rubbish. I have a deep love an appreciation for nature

and nature's mysteries. Believes I have been taught much by Nature and feels honored to be part of it. 

       Purpose of Amateur Photography

  • To share nature pictures with nature lovers
  • To inspire "amateur" photographers
  • To showcase "quick snaps" of real creatures
  • To share nature experiences
Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse of some "quick snaps".
Like my nature stories? If you want
to find out more or share your nature
Drop me a line. It can be a lovely experience hearing from others.
Garden Lizard

   Kitty Cat: "We share space, but I am the queen of  the home page,  behave or i will eat you".     Lizzy:  "Yes, your majesty!" (thinking otherwise)


  Wise Quotes

Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.
        Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"It is not always how you begin, or what you possess, that determines

your success. But how you use what you have and how little/much what you have, uses you".

-Symantha Beason


To make a difference in the life and experience of each person

with whom I come in contact , one natural act at a time.

Enjoy life to the fullest, while allowing nature and

nature's Creator to be my "center piece".
Opened flower

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